Startuppy Consultancy

Hey, my name is Matt and I do consulting sometimes. This site is under construction.


Cold Callers for Sample Strategy

Sample Strategy sells in-grocery-store advertising in the United States. We’re looking for cold callers. We want you to call dentists. The base pay is $3 per hour, with commission included you’ll be earning between $30 – $60 per converted lead.

Video Makers for BlueHow2

We want you to make how-to videos for our YouTube channel. We’re paying $1 per minute for postable videos. Below is our best video so far.



Join the Skype Group

Click the link above to get in on the action! We have a Skype group that is used to introduce people to the company. Please use a real Skype account, so you can be messaged, not a guest account. Please join the Skype group before contacting Matt. Please be active in the group, it will make everything work better.

Here from Fiverr?

If you were found on Fiverr, then all payments will remain on Fiverr. This is your signal to contact Matt on Skype or WhatsApp, sending your Fiverr profile link in the first message. NEVER MENTION OFF-SITING ON FIVERR, they are pretty unreasonable and could ban us both. If anyone is telling you to read this site, then they’re trying to signal you to contact Matt.



Contact Matt

Skype:   live:matt_23964   Quick Skype Add

WhatsApp:   +15106005735

Phone (Text First):   +1 510 600 5735