YouTube Collaboration Page

This page is for YouTube Collaboration made easy.

Essential Links

Link to Collaboration Spreadsheet: LINK

Link to Base Video Folder: LINK

Link to YouTube Audio Library: LINK

Link to Invoice for Getting Paid: LINK

Link to OctopusAI Beta: LINK

Link to ChatGPT: LINK

New Footage Guidelines

Notes when recording new footage:

  • Record at either 30 FPS or 24 FPS.
  • Record in 1080p HD.
  • Record Voiceless and Faceless.
  • When playing multiplayer, mute your team / turn off voice communications.

Tag Counter

This is for helping with generating tags for YouTube videos. Enter the tags into the blue box below to count the characters. This is an estimate, because YouTube is weird with it's counting.

Character Count: 0 / 500

YouTube Adjusted Count: 0 / 500